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Budgeting Properly for Your First Home

You've probably used a mortgage calculator to get an idea of the price range in which you should be looking for homes for sale. While that might give you a very rough idea of the homes you should consider, it shouldn't be the only budgeting you do, said Kelli Roland, housing manager for American Financial Solutions, a nonprofit credit-counseling agency. In addition to your down payment, there are other expenses to consider, both at closing and after your moving truck pulls … [Read More...]

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Why Get a Home Inspection?

I am so excited!  My home buying experience has come to an end and I just closed on my home and have the keys!  The moving van is packed and my friends are standing by to help me unload everything!  Old home for sale, new home for me! Homes for sale Hardin County Fast forward…a friend calls me over and says she noticed some dust under the kitchen sink that I should look at.  I crouch down, look under and to my horror I realize I must have some sort of insect problem.  … [Read More...]

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Why You Need a Realtor

Buying a home can become a very complex process involving stacks of paperwork and a number of outside service providers and contractors.  It truly is a process with many moving parts and numerous complexities. An experienced Realtor can guide you through the process of buying a home, answering your questions and serving as your advocate. They can also help in selling your home.  Your agent will help you find the property that fits your needs, submit offers and counteroffers, … [Read More...]


Ups and Downs in a Buyers Market

The rise and fall of home values is an inevitable aspect of homes for sale. A property may increase in value as a community develops, making that particular community a desirable place in which to own, therefore the prices go up. While on the other hand, homes for sale can decrease because a major employer closes its doors. The reasons for a rise or fall of property values can be a numerous. When property values are in a place that favors the buyer it’s called a “Buyer’s … [Read More...]